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It’s important for me to release merch that’s not only high quality, but also has no negative impact on people and the planet.

While being a small, one-man business makes it all hard, especially compared to the possibilities that big companies have, this page is dedicated to all of you who care about the merch background – below you can check what I’m doing currently to try and run Diabolic Force responsibly.


Plastic free

All the orders are shipped in paper-based packages only. I’m using regular paper envelopes to ship patches (aiming for recycled paper as soon as I run out of the ones I have currently). Shirts are shipped in heavy-duty, recycled kraft paper bags and all the “non-standard” orders are packed in cardboard boxes, in which the empty space is filled with a paper filling instead of a bubble wrap or foil.

The only exception to this is if the product is packed in plastic by the producer, for example some imported shirts or patches.


Tree planting

Using paper packaging instead of plastic is a great pro-ecological choice, but not a perfect one. Paper comes from trees, so to offset the environmental cost of producing the packaging I use (even though most of it is recycled, and my overall impact is negligible compared to big companies), I’ve teamed up with to which I donate 10% of Diabolic Force income each month. The money is spent by them on planting trees in polish forests.

For more details on the project and all the reports confirming the actual actions they make, check out their website at


Recycled polyester

All the patches released by me are made from 100% recycled polyester thread. Thanks to this, not only don’t they produce new plastic waste, but also repurpose the material that’s been discarded already.

The thread used for patch production is also certified with “Global Recycled Standard” mark as “100% Recycled post-consumer polyester”.


Work in progress...

Currently, I’ve been printing the shirt designs on Gildan or Sol’s t-shirts. Because I’m not anymore convinced by their non-transparent, typical “corporate” reports of responsibility, I’ve decided to search further for better companies to make sure the merch I’m releasing doesn’t harm people, animals and environment. Even at the additional price.

The next shirt release(s) will be printed on STANLEY/STELLA products. It’s a bit smaller manufacturer that seems to make great efforts in producing ethical apparel, and while the production price is significantly bigger, I’ll see how will you all react to this change. If a higher price will result in lower popularity in Diabolic Force t-shirts, I’ll be thinking what steps to take next…

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