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Diabolic Force started in early 2022 and since this date, I’m trying to deliver high quality, limited band merchandise with my own custom artworks.


About the Store

I’m an one-man army based in Toruń, Poland with a lot of passion to Metal music, a bit of design knowledge, and two overly energetic cats that make sure there’s a bit of cat fur on all the t-shirts i’m shipping to you (sorry!).

Since the beginning my goal was to create high quality, official merchandise for bands I enjoy, that would at the same time be different (hopefully way cooler!) than what you can find in the big, mainstream stores, handling most of the merchandise right now. Every Diabolic Force release is designed by me, and I’m also the person who handles all the store orders, from operating the website, to packing and shipping them at my local post office.



I’m trying my best to minimize the negative impact of my releases on people and the environment, and while it’s way harder for small independent businesses to control it than it is for the big companies, I’m still putting a lot of effort to make sure everything I do is as ethical as possible.

Check out the “Responsibility” page to learn what’s already implemented, and what are my plans for the future!


Here are my answers for some questions that either I get asked often or just want to clear upfront by myself!

I’m working exclusively with the bands I personally listen to and am a fan of, and you’ll NEVER find any Diabolic Force release that’s been made only because I felt it’s gonna be an easy way to make money. The same rule, just a bit less strict, applies to every imported item I carry in the distro. If it’s available in the store – you can be sure it’s based on my personal musical taste. Check out and support the smaller bands you find here and if you enjoyed my previous releases, chances are you will find a great new music just by scanning the merch!

Diabolic Force is a merchandise store exclusively, you won’t find any music or media here. The two primary products I both produce and distribute are woven patches and t-shirts, and while it’s the vast majority of the stock, you can from time to time find some other merch pieces like enamel metal pins or baseball caps available as well. Make sure to follow my Instagram for all the updates about new items hitting the store!

Some people think the “limited” label is used by me to charge more money for my releases. The reality is, being a small and independent store, the costs of producing any merch piece are way higher than for big companies who order hundreds of pieces (the bigger the volume, the lower the cost per copy). Because of that, even if a design gets sold out, it’s just not possible for me to reprint it, knowing no more than 20% of the second pressing would get sold. Additionally, every agreement with the band is always made on a fixed number of patches and a royalty based on this, so it would also be unfair with them to print more than we made a deal for.

Everything is shipped from my home office in Toruń, Poland (Europe). I offer international registered shipping to any place in the world (except Russia and Belarus). More details about shipping times, costs and payment can be found here.

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